Cardiff Ranch
New Residents
Welcome New Residents!
We hope you love Cardiff Ranch as much as we do. We're a tight knit community and we're glad to have you as one of us. To help you get settled into the neighborhood, here are a couple of things we recommend you do:
1. Meet your neighbors.
Getting to know your neighbors is not only important socially but also a great way to learn about the neighborhood, the people that live here, and to stay safe.
2. Attend a social event
Why stop at your immediate neighbors? Take a look at the events calendar and come by to socialize and get to know the rest of us. We're a fun bunch and love to get to know our new neighbors.
3. Join the Nextdoor group for Cardiff Ranch.
Nextdoor is a website and app you can download to your phone that allows you to keep up with what's going, ask questions, buy/sell things, and get to know people. But do note! Nextdoor is not in any way affiliated with Cardiff Ranch except that many of our residents are active there. The content there is not controlled or moderated by Cardiff Ranch.
4. Get yourself registered at the clubhouse
Need access to the fitness room or swimming pool? Want to get communications from the management company with important information? Come to the clubhouse (when its open...see hours) and get yourself registered. It will also allow you to get registered to this website as register and give you access to the residents only features.
5. Attend a Neighborhood Roundtable or Board Meeting
Not only is it a good way to meeting your neighbors, you get to learn about what's going on and give input into the future plans.
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