We are following community and legal guidelines during the corona virus outbreak.  We will notify the community of the facilities opening once the the plan has been established under these guidelines.  
Board of Directors Meeting July 16th at 6:30pm to 8:30pm over teleconference.  Details will be shared via email with residents registered with the RealManage portal found here https://www.realmanage.com/resident-services
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CC&R Violation Enforcement
PLEASE BE AWARE: The HOA and property management may have the right to levy fines when warranted on violations that do not conform to the Cardiff Ranch CCRs
- All yards must be mowed on a regular basis.  Yards that fall outside the appropriate length may be subject to a "force mow" at the homeowners expense
- Visible weeds in flower and tree beds must be removed.  Many residents have failed to maintain and the HOA has been made aware of these violations. 
- Only approved landscape edging noted in the neighborhood CC&R is allowed.  Concrete scallops ARE NOT ALLOWED.  Letters have been sent to those homes in violation.  Failure to remove may result in future fines.
- Trash cans should not be set out until 7:00pm the day before trash collection.  All trash and recycle cans must be collected and stored on the same day as trash day.
- No parking on the street overnight.  Only acceptable when residents have family/friends in town and there is no available space in driveways
- In the event that a vehicle needs to be parked on the street, that vehicle must be parked in the same direction as traffic 
- Homes must be clear of any visible mold/mildew.